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About World AIDS Day events

World AIDS Day events are a way for the community to show support for people living with HIV. The events sometimes raise money for HIV causes too. 

You can register your event if it’s open to the public.  

Why run an event?

Running a World AIDS Day event helps raise awareness about HIV in your community. It provides education about HIV and its prevention. 

It can also showcase the support available for people living with HIV, and how the community can reduce stigma and discrimination.   

It also ensures there will an event in your local area. 

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Who can run an event?

HIV-focused organisations and other community groups run events around Australia each year. If you have an idea for an event open to the public, you can work with one of these organisations to set it up. 

When to run an event

World AIDS Day events are usually on or around 1 December, but some are held at other times of the year. You can run an event in the morning, afternoon or at night. Others are online. That way, there’s something for everyone. 

How to run an event

Events are usually coordinated by state or territory HIV/AIDS-focused organisations. If you want to run a public event, you can reach out to your state or territory coordinator. 

Once you’ve organised it, you can register your event to have it listed on this website.  

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Support running an event

For support with running an event, please email who will put you in touch with your state or territory events coordinator.

We also have resources to help you promote your event.  

Other ways to get involved

There are many other ways to get involved in World AIDS Day. Here are some of the main ways to show your support:  

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