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About World AIDS Day events

There is huge variety among World AIDS Day events. We have had lunches, information stalls, dance parties, concerts and candlelight vigils – among many others. Events can be in person or online.  

What unites each event is people coming together to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS and show support for people living with HIV.  

Many are free community events. They may also raise money by selling ribbons or other items to commemorate the day. Other events raise money by charging a fee to attend, such as a concert or meal.  

Events may focus on increasing community awareness about HIV prevention and treatment. Others are more about remembrance.  

Why attending an event is important

Attending a World AIDS Day event shows support for people who are living with HIV or have lost loved ones. These events are also a way to raise awareness of HIV initiatives. 

You can also: 

  • learn more about HIV 

  • find out how to support people living with HIV 

  • reduce HIV stigma and discrimination. 

When the media reports on World AIDS Day events, we get our message to people that the HIV epidemic has not ended.

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When to attend an event

World AIDS Day events are mostly held on 1 December, but some are run in the lead up to the day.  Events may be in person or online.  

Find an event

There are World AIDS Day events across Australia. Find an event in your state or territory or see what’s available online. 

Who runs events?

Events are run by different HIV-focused organisations and community groups around Australia each year. If you have an idea for an event open to the public, you can work with one of these organisations to help set it up. 

Find out how to get support to run an event

Other ways to get involved

There are many other ways to get involved in World AIDS Day. Here are some of the main ways to show your support:  

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