Victoria's World AIDS Day official community launch

This is the official launch of Victoria's World AIDS Day events. It's an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, to show support for people living with HIV, and to commemorate those who have died from an AIDS-related illness.     

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Date and time:
1 hour
In person (on site)
Living Positive


Morning sessions

Join us at 9.30am to hear from LPV President Craig A Brennan who will be joined by The Hon. Mary-Anne Thomas MLA, Victorian Minister for Health, Minister for Health Infrastructure, and Minister for Medical Research.

Panel Discussion: Why Inclusion Matters  10 – 10.30am
Following the opening address we present two members of LPV’s Positive Speakers Bureau who will reflect on the issue of inclusion of PLHIV in a panel style discussion on  the topic ‘why inclusion matters’. Our speakers will talk about the value of inclusion of PLHIV in making decisions about research, health care, access in central to equitable outcomes and a better understanding of the work researchers, health providers and other offer.

HIV Science as Art display with presentation  10.30 – 11am
Over morning tea, hear artist Daniel Cordner present an exhibition themed ‘HIV Science as Art’.

Community Forum: Equity for all  11am- 12pm
Our Community Forum this year, ‘Equity for all’  will be moderated by  LPV Peer Support Manager, Sara Graham, joined by panelists Valentina, Daniel, Vicky, and Liz.

Gilead Young Emerging Scientists (YES) Fellowship Announcement 12 – 1pm
Over lunch, hear the announcement of the recipient of the 2024 Gilead Young Emerging Scientists (YES) Fellowship, to be presented by the current Fellow, Hailey Cheng.

Afternoon sessions

Clinical Perspectives  1 – 2.10pm
Join us after lunch to hear from Professor Paul Gorry, Deputy Director of  the Doherty Institute and Keynote Speaker Prof Jonathan Li (Director of the Harvard/Brigham Virology Specialty Laboratory, Director of the Harvard University Center for AIDS Research Clinical Core). Plenary talk Title: ‘Unsung Heroes: HIV Post-Treatment Controllers and the Dream of Living without Antiretroviral Therapy’.

Social Perspectives 2.10 – 2.40pm
Hear Dr Dean Murphy (ARCSHS at La Trobe University) speak on the topic ‘Inclusion in a time of undetectability’.

Community Perspectives  2.40 – 3.25pm
Hear our community panel discussion on the topic of ‘What respect looks like for PLHIV’, moderated by LPV Community Development Officer, Beau Newham, with panelists: Eric, Deodata, and Adam.

Book Launch 3.25 – 3.45pm
Over afternoon tea, we launch the recently published book Beyond & Behind The Faces of HIV and AIDS. Join a conversation with three Australian contributing writers and HIV advocates, Susan Paxton, Stevie Lee Walsh and Heather Ellis. Beyond and Behind the Faces of HIV and AIDS is a compilation of 35 deeply personal stories by people living with HIV from around the world.

ViiV Young Investigator Award Presentations 3.45 – 4.45pm
Eunok Lee

Inducing CD8 T-cell-mediated clearance of HIV-infected cells by targeting hyperconserved viral protein regions.
Janna Jamal Eddine
HIV transcription persists in the brain of virally suppressed people with HIV.
Laura Rikard-Bell
Using BH3-mimetics to enhance apoptosis of HIV-infected macrophages to facilitate HIV cure.
Michael Moso
Potent HIV reactivation with CRISPR activation using multiplexed guide RNA and lipid nanoparticle delivery.

Awards Presentation and Closing Speakers 4.45 – 5pm
ACH4-mHIVE present  the 2023 World AIDS Day awards presentation with speakers Prof Tony Cunningham and Prof Thomas Tu.

Lunch, morning and afternoon tea will be served.


Doherty Institute
792 Elizabeth Street
Melbourne VIC 3000