Review of the effectiveness and validity of operations of the MAIF Agreement:Research Paper

3.2 The collection of evidence was planned and comprehensive

Page last updated: 18 June 2012

Nous expanded the review components outlined in the conceptual framework to develop a set of review questions. These review questions informed the development of a comprehensive data collection plan that was implemented to gather the evidence necessary to complete the Review.

The initial research undertaken during Stage 1 of the project provided a thorough understanding of the background and context of the Review. This initial research validated the review questions and the data collection plan.

The data collection plan identified a number of likely sources for the data and evidence required to answer each of the review questions. At a high level, the sources involved further research or stakeholder consultation. Further information on each of the data sources is included in Appendix A.

To support the consultation required, Nous developed a stakeholder engagement plan that identified all stakeholders with an interest in the operation of the MAIF Agreement and – sensitive to reasonable time and cost constraints proposed the most effective mechanisms to gather the data and evidence necessary to answer the relevant review questions. The two mechanisms employed were interviews with targeted stakeholders and two surveys (one targeted and the other general). Further details of the stakeholder engagement mechanisms are outlined in Appendix A.