Nous applied a robust method to complete the Review. The Review was guided by a conceptual framework (see Figure 2) and was completed in the following three stages:

  • Stage 1: Planning and research – Nous established effective governance arrangements for the Review, gathered and considered relevant documentation and completed an environmental assessment of the international and Australian environments (see Section 4)
  • Stage 2: Stakeholder consultation – Nous developed detailed data collection and stakeholder engagement plans and completed extensive stakeholder consultation using a combination of interviews and surveys (see Appendix A)
  • Stage 3: Analysis and reporting Nous completed an in-depth analysis of the data collected during the Review and further research to ensure the validity of the key findings for the Review and the appropriateness of recommendations.
There are two key outputs of the Review:
1. Research Paper – As the primary output of the Review, this document outlines:
a. the data collected during the Review
b. the analysis undertaken in developing insights
c. the key findings that support the recommendations.
2. Project Report – This document complements the Research Paper by summarising project processes and provides a commentary on project issues and compliance with the professional services contract under which the Review was completed.

The remainder of this section sets out key elements of the method applied to complete the Review. These key elements included:
  • development of a clear conceptual framework to guide the Review
  • implementation of a comprehensive data collection plan
  • application of a structured and rigorous approach to data analysis.
These key elements are described in more detail in the sub-sections.