SSBA Fact Sheet 2 - About Us - October 2014

The purpose of the SSBA Fact Sheets is to support the education and awareness of the SSBA Regulatory Scheme and provide information to stakeholders on topics of particular interest.

Page last updated: October 2014

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Release Date: October 2014

The Report on the Regulation and Control of Hazardous Biological Materials recommended establishing a national regulatory regime based on a risk management approach. It also recommended that administration of the national regulatory scheme should be given to a responsible body. This responsible body resides within the Australian Government’s Health portfolio.

The Office of Health Protection (OHP) within the Department of Health is the division responsible for administering the Security Sensitive Biological Agents (SSBA) Regulatory Scheme.

The SSBA Regulatory Scheme includes:

  • The National Health Security Act 2007 (NHS Act).
  • The National Health Security Regulations 2008 (NHS Regulations).
  • The SSBA Standards.
  • The National Register of Security Sensitive Biological Agents (National Register).
  • Registration and reporting processes.
  • An inspection program.
  • An education and awareness raising campaign.

The ongoing work of OHP includes:

  • Monitoring the registration and reporting of Australian entities and facilities handling SSBAs.
  • Managing the National Register.
  • Monitoring and reviewing the regulatory scheme.
  • Co-ordinating reviews of the List of SSBAs.
  • Managing the ongoing education and awareness-raising campaign.

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