Meeting 5 Summary Mental Health Sub-Group of the Improved Models of Care Working Group 28 September 2018, Department of Health offices (Scarborough House), Canberra

This page contains the meeting summary for the Mental Health sub-group

Page last updated: 16 October 2018

Summary of Meeting 5 of the Mental Health sub-group 28 September 2018 (PDF 121 KB)


Dr Anthony Moore, Acting ChairSusan Azmi, Secretariat
Andrea Selleck, Australian Regional Health GroupPauline Dusink, Secretariat
Dr Andrew Wilson, Medibank PrivateMitch Docking, Secretariat
Janne McMahon, Private Mental Health Consumer & Carer Network David Whelan, Secretariat
Sian Pritchard, Pritchard Health
Christine Gee, Australian Private Hospitals Association
Patrick Hardwick, Private Mental Health Consumer & Carer Network
Invited Guest
Jui Tham, Australian Health Services Alliance


Erkam Kardiric, Australian Health Services Alliance
Joanne Levin, Healthecare
Dr Michelle Atchison, Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists
Dr Louise Roufeil, Australian Psychological Society
Sophie Harrison, Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital
Dr Choong-Siew Yong, Australian Medical Association

1. Welcome and introductions

    • The Acting Chair opened the meeting.
    • The Acting Chair provided an opportunity for members to declare any new conflicts of interest.
    • The Acting Chair recognised that Ms Rebecca Randall no longer works for the Consumer Health Forum and as such has resigned from the Sub-Group.
    • Dr Jui Tham of Australian Health Services Alliance was welcomed as an invited guest to the meeting.

2. Update on Reforms

    • The Secretariat gave a verbal update on the progress of private health insurance reforms, including legislative amendments receiving Royal Assent and the process for finalising amendments to the Rules.
    • Members discussed the impact of clinical categories and whether they would have any foreseeable impact on recommendations from the Mental Health Sub-Group.

3. Feedback from IMOC

    • The Sub-Group considered the feedback documents from IMOC and recognised that, where possible, IMOC’s feedback had been incorporated into the draft report from the Sub-Group to IMOC.

4. Report to IMOC

    • The majority of the meeting was spent revising the Sub-Group’s draft report to IMOC on improved models of mental health care.
    • Members highlighted the importance of differentiating between hospital-based care (which may include hospital in the home) and in-hospital care. It was recognised that alternative models of care should not exclude the involvement of hospital organisations.
    • It was recognised that while patients should always receive the most appropriate care at the most appropriate time, this should not be confused with suggesting that all care should be reimbursed through private health insurance hospital cover.
    • The Sub-Group discussed the need to identify the most appropriate de-identified, aggregated data that could be collected and shared to help improve mental health treatments.

5. Research Summary

    • The Sub-Group generally appreciated the draft literature review but felt they did not have time to fully consider the review. They requested that the review be available for future processes if appropriate.

6. Other business