Summary of Meeting 4 of the Mental Health sub-group 10 August 2018

This page contains the meeting summary for the Mental Health sub-group.

Page last updated: 30 August 2018

Summary of Meeting 4 of the Mental Health sub-group 10 August 2018 (PDF 129 KB)


MembersSecretariat and Invited Guests
Dr Jenny Firman, ChairPauline Dusink, Secretariat
Andrea Selleck, Australian Regional Health GroupDavid Whelan, Secretariat
Erkam Kardiric, Australian Health Services AllianceAndrew McLaren, Medibank Private
Joanne Levin, Healthecare
Dr Michelle Atchison, Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists
Dr Louise Roufeil, Australian Psychological Society
Rebecca Randall, Consumer Health Forum
Sophie Harrison, Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital
Sian Pritchard, Pritchard Health
Christine Gee, Australian Private Hospitals Association (via teleconference)
Patrick Hardwick, Private Mental Health Consumer & Carer Network
Dr Andrew Wilson, Medibank Private (via teleconference)
Janne McMahon, Private Mental Health Consumer & Carer Network
Dr Choong-Siew Yong, Australian Medical Association

1. Welcome and introductions

  • The Chair opened the meeting.
  • The Chair provided an opportunity for members to declare any new conflicts of interest.

2. Data Sharing

  • The Secretariat presented data from the Admitted Patient Care and Hospital Casemix Protocol 1 data sets.
  • The data was designed to compare the trends in all hospital admissions to mental health related admissions, as well as comparing admissions for different hospital types and different patient types (primarily public patient and privately insured patient).
  • It was generally agreed that these data sets were not as comprehensive as data from the Private Psychiatric Hospitals Data Reporting and Analysis Service (PPHDRAS).
  • Data from PPHDRAS to guide ongoing considerations of the sub group were to be circulated out of session.

3. Mental Health Patient Journeys

  • The sub group mapped out three high level patient journeys, to help guide further discussions of appropriate mental health models of care.
  • High level patient journeys were discussed for:
    • a patient identifying as requiring help, but not suffering from a significant mental health problem at that time;
    • a patient suffering their first acute mental health episode; and
    • a patient with chronic or recurring mental health problems.
  • The discussion included the importance of ensuring patients receive hospital based care when appropriate, but also the importance of stepped care, including admission and discharge planning.

4. Options for change reflecting meeting #3

  • The sub group reviewed the options for change, including implementation issues.
  • The issues included revision of guidelines for mental health care, the complexity of legislation, data collection and reporting patient access to non hospital provided services, patient access to nurse practitioners, nurses and allied health professionals, pilot programs, the provision of digital services, transparency of services for patients and Chronic Disease Management Plans.
  • Members refined the options in preparation for reporting to the Improved Models of Care Working Group.

5. Translation into other clinical areas

  • Andrew McLaren from Medibank Private spoke about several pilot projects providing non hospital based care for services traditionally provided in hospital. These were not directly related to mental health services.
  • The sub group discussed the elements of these pilot projects which could be used to deliver non hospital based mental health care.

6. Other business

  • The Secretariat agreed to circulate a draft of the sub group’s “Report to the Models of Care Working Group” before the next meeting.
  • The next sub-group meeting is scheduled for 6 September 2018.

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