Summary of Meeting 2 of the Mental Health sub-group 15 June 2018

Page last updated: 04 July 2018

Summary of Meeting 2 of the Mental Health sub-group 15 June 2018 (PDF 132 KB)


MembersSecretariat and Invited guests
Dr Jenny Firman, ChairDeb Hurlbut, Secretariat
Dr Michelle Atchison, Royal Australian & New Zealand College of PsychiatristsAnne Dwyer, Secretariat
Christine Gee, Australian Private Hospitals AssociationPhillip Bartlett, Secretariat
Joanne Levin, HealthecareAllen Morris-Yates, Private Psychiatric Hospitals Data Reporting and Analysis Service
Janne McMahon, Private Mental Health Consumer & Carer NetworkDr Jui Tham, Australian Health Services Alliance
Sian Pritchard, Pritchard Health
Rebecca Randall, Consumer Health Forum
Dr Louise Roufeil, Australian Psychological Society
Andrea Selleck, Australian Regional Health Group
Dr Choong-Siew Yong, Australian Medical Association


Dr Andrew Wilson, Medibank Private
Sophie Harrison, Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital
Patrick Hardwick, Private Mental Health Consumer & Carer Network
Erkam Kardiric, Australian Health Services Alliance

1. Welcome

  • The Chair opened the meeting and provided members and invited guests an opportunity to introduce themselves.
  • The Chair provided an opportunity for members to declare any new conflicts of interest.

2. Mental Health sub-group work plan

  • The Secretariat highlighted amendments to the work plan based on feedback from the previous meeting. Members agreed the revised plan, noting that some aspects of the work plan may carry over into subsequent meetings.

3. Private Psychiatric Hospitals Data Reporting and Analysis Service (PPHDRAS) presentation

  • Allen Morris-Yates provided a presentation to the group on patterns of private hospital-based psychiatric care.
  • This covered aspects including treatment rates, diagnostic and clinical profiles, changes in service utilisation over time and readmission rates.

4. Therapeutic models within private psychiatric hospitals and pilot projects

  • Christine Gee and Joanne Levin delivered a presentation on the types of services delivered within the private psychiatric hospital setting, including the care pathway and settings of care. The presentation also explored the complexities associated with the treatment of this patient group.
  • Jui Tham provided an overview of two private health insurance mental health pilot projects which are expected to commence shortly.

5. Legislation – incentives and barriers

  • Following an out-of-session information teleconference regarding private health insurance legislation, the Secretariat presented an additional information paper on admitted patient care, and hospital-in-the-home.
  • Members discussed aspects of the legislation, with a particular focus on perceived barriers to alternative settings of care.
  • The Secretariat invited members to submit further comments on legislative incentives and barriers out-of-session.

6. Principles

  • The Chair introduced the draft principles paper and invited member comments.
  • Members requested a focus on consumer choice within principles.
  • The Secretariat invited members to submit additional feedback on the principles out-of-session.

7. Other business

  • The next sub-group meeting is scheduled for 12 July 2018.

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