Summary of the additional Private Health Ministerial Advisory Committee meeting – product design, 14 May 2018, Department of Health offices (Scarborough House), Canberra

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Members Secretariat and other attendees
Dr Jeffrey Harmer AO, Chair Susan Azmi, Secretariat
Michael Roff, Australian Private Hospitals Association Margaret Noris, Secretariat
Philip Truskett AM, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Debbie Hurlbut, Secretariat
Matthew Koce, Members Health Josh Shanahan, Secretariat (Item 2 & 3)
Jane Griffiths, Day Hospitals Australia Jane Ranson-Smith, Secretariat (Item 3)
Garry Richardson, Expert member Charles Maskell-Knight, Secretariat
Toby Hall, St Vincents Health Australia Nicole Keeling, Secretariat
Marcus Dripps, Allied Health Professions Australia Julianne Quaine, Department of Health, Observer
Anne Trimmer, Australian Medical Association Alex Caroly, Senior Adviser to the Minister for Health
Ian Yates AM, COTA David Chan, Deloitte
David Weiss, ex-officio Ignatius Li, Deloitte
Stuart Rodger, Deloitte
Steven Fanner Private Healthcare Australia, Proxy
Jo Root, Consumer Health Forum, Proxy


Dr Rachel David, Private Healthcare Australia
Tony Lawson, Consumer Health Forum
Penny Shakespeare, Department of Health

1. Welcome, apologies and introductions

  • The Chair noted apologies for this meeting.

2. Legislation update

  • The Committee noted that the Private Health Insurance Bills were listed for debate in the House of Representatives.
  • The Committee also noted that the Private Health Insurance Rules were currently being drafted. The Secretariat advised that an exposure draft of the Rules would be publicly released by late May to early June.

3. Information Provision Reforms

  • The Secretariat advised the Committee that a consultant had been engaged to undertake consumer testing and analysis of the information provision components of the private health insurance reforms.
  • The consultant’s final report will be provided to the Committee members for their information.

4. Clinical Definitions

  • The Committee noted that the Department recently issued a consultation document including a proposed mapping of MBS items against the definitions. Fifty responses were received from clinical groups, insurers, consumer groups and hospitals. The Secretariat thanked the Committee members for their contributions to this consultation process.
  • The Department is currently considering the submissions and will publish a summary document on the Private Health Ministerial Advisory Committee website shortly.

5. Product Design

  • Deloitte Actuaries and Consultants presented the results of updated modelling of the impact of the proposed Gold/Silver/Bronze/Basic categories for hospital treatment products and possible changes to the regulation of restrictions.
  • The Committee considered information provided by the Secretariat on the current availability of restrictions in the market.
  • The Committee received an update by the Secretariat on the industry consultation regarding the proposed approach to general treatment product categorisation.
  • Members confirmed their views on these product design issues and noted that the Chair would shortly provide advice to the Minister outlining the views of members on these matters.

6. Other Business

  • The Chair noted that he would like to move the next PHMAC from Tuesday, 12 June to Tuesday, 19 June 2018.

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