Anti-Doping effort in Australia

Page last updated: 03 August 2016

Rigorous and effective anti-doping arrangements protect the integrity of sport and promote clean competition. Such arrangements seek to protect the health and wellbeing of individual participants and preserve the important values sport encompasses.

Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) is the National Anti-Doping Organisation for Australia and implements the Australian government's efforts to eliminate doping in sport.

National Anti-Doping Framework

Governments throughout Australia are committed to maintaining integrity in sport. Legislation, regulation, policies and administrative practices between the Commonwealth and the States, allow governments to adopt appropriate measures to ensure sport is drug-free.

The National Anti-Doping Framework coordinates these efforts.

The Framework aims to align domestic anti-doping efforts in Australia through a set of agreed principles, alongside clearly identified areas for cooperation between the Australian Government, and State and Territory Governments.

Through this coordination of effort Australia can continue to lead the international fight against drugs and doping in sport to achieve a level international playing field where all athletes are subject to the same doping rules and sanctions.

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